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Counting table row counts in PostgreSQL

An easy way to count the number of rows in a PostgreSQL table and sort by totals allowing you to find what's taking up space in your database.

PostgreSQL row count command output
Isaac Bythewood Isaac Bythewood
May 28, 2022

I sometimes find myself running into the problem of hunting down what is taking up a lot of rows in PostgreSQL due to service row restrictions. There is a choice of increasing my service plan but I sometimes find it unnecessary if I have a rogue app just adding a lot of data that can be purged. This happens a lot of logs and security apps tracking login attempts. To find the number of rows used in a PostgreSQL database and order it by count you can run this in psql.

If this runs correctly you should see a sorted list of tables with their row counts. From there you can create a script to purge the offending apps on a schedule if you don't need older data.

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